Fully Funded South Korea Scholarships 2023 with Monthly Allowances for Pakistani Students-پاکستانی طلباء کے لیے ماہانہ الاؤنسز کے ساتھ مکمل طور پر فنڈڈ جنوبی کوریا کی اسکالرشپس 2023

South Korea Scholarships 2023:The prestigious and highly competitive Global Korea Scholarship 2023 is now open for applications.

GKS 2023 پہلے KGSP کورین گورنمنٹ اسکالرشپ پروگرام کے نام سے جانا جاتا تھا۔ یہ مکمل طور پر فنڈڈ اسکالرشپ، ماسٹرز، اور پی ایچ ڈی ہے۔ ڈگری پروگرام. اس اسکالرشپ کا موقع کوریا کی حکومت کی طرف سے سپانسر کیا جاتا ہے. KGSP 2023 155 ممالک سے 1300 سے زیادہ بین الاقوامی طلباء کو منتخب کرے گا جو کوریا میں گریجویٹ سطح کی ڈگری (ماسٹر یا ڈاکٹریٹ) یا تحقیق کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔

All selected students will be placed at different universities in South Korea. Korean Ministry of Education aims to increase international exchanges and competitiveness. There are more than 104,000 international students who have been on this Korean scholarship since 2016.

تمام منتخب طلباء کو جنوبی کوریا کی مختلف یونیورسٹیوں میں رکھا جائے گا۔ کوریا کی وزارت تعلیم کا مقصد بین الاقوامی تبادلے اور مسابقت کو بڑھانا ہے۔ 104,000 سے زیادہ بین الاقوامی طلباء ہیں جو 2016 سے اس کورین اسکالرشپ پر ہیں۔

This South Korean Scholarship (Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees) is one of the most competitive and top scholarships in the world. It is similar to other fully-funded international scholarship programs such as US Fulbright Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, Australia Awards Scholarships, Turkey Burslari Scholarships, Austria Government Scholarship, Brunei Darussalam Scholarship, Romania Government Scholarship, New Zealand Government Scholarship, Netherlands Government Scholarship Stipendium Hungricum Scholarship, and Daad Scholarship in Germany.

Why one should study in South Korea?

Compared to European countries, South Korea offers well-prepared scholarships, cheap living expenses, and accommodation costs. Moreover, all international students build cross-cultural understanding, explore international laboratories, and experience different cities in South Korea.

South Korea Scholarships 2023

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South Korea Scholarships 2023| Study in Korea

  1. Host Country:
                             .South Korea
  2. Course Level:
                             .Master’s Degree Programs
                             .PhD Programs
                             .Research Programs

Available Universities and Fields of Study: South Korea Scholarships 2023

عام معلومات کے لیے درخواست کے رہنما خطوط میں منسلک ‘2023 GKS-G دستیاب یونیورسٹیاں اور مطالعہ کے شعبے’ فائل کا حوالہ دیں۔ مزید معلومات کے لیے ہر یونیورسٹی سے رابطہ کریں۔

GKS Scholarship Duration:

  • Doctoral Degree Program: 4 years 
    •  1 year of the Korean language program
    • 3 years of the regular degree program
  • Master’s Degree Program: 3 years 
    • 1 year of the Korean language program
    • 2 years of a degree program
  • Research Program: 6 Months or 1 Year

Benefits of the South Korea Scholarships 2023

جنوبی کوریا میں مکمل طور پر فنڈڈ اسکالرشپ منتخب طلباء کے تمام اخراجات کا احاطہ کرتی ہے۔ اسکالرشپ کا احاطہ کرے گا:

  • Airfare (Return Air Ticket)
  • Settlement Allowance: 200,000 KRW (offered once after entry to Korea)
  • Monthly Allowance: (Degree Program) 900,000 KRW per month, (Research Program)
  • 1,500,000 KRW per month
  • Research Allowance

            Liberal Arts and Social Science majors: 210,000 KRW per semester
            Natural Science and Engineering majors: 240,000 KRW per semester

  • 1-Year Korean Language Training Fee: Fully covered
  • Degree Program Tuition: Fully covered
  • Research Support Fees
  • Medical Insurance will be covered.
  • Korean Proficiency Grants: 100,000 KRW per month

Eligibility Criteria of South Korea Scholarships 2023

  • All international students can apply.
  • Korean citizens are not eligible to apply.
  • A candidate applying for a graduate program must be under the age of 40 years.
  • Master’s Program Applicant: Must hold a bachelor‟s degree or a level of education
  • equivalent to or higher than a bachelor‟s degree.
  • Doctoral Program Applicant: Must hold a master‟s degree or a level of education
  • equivalent to or higher than a master‟s degree.
  • Research Program Applicant: Must have received an invitation from one of the partner universities.
  • A person who has already availed of the Korean scholarship is not eligible to apply.
  • A candidate should be in good health.

How to Apply for the Global South Korea Scholarships 2023?

کورین گورنمنٹ اسکالرشپ پروگرام 2023 کے لیے درخواست دینے کے دو طریقے ہیں۔ یا تو اپنے ملک کے کوریائی سفارت خانے میں یا براہ راست کوریا کی گھریلو یونیورسٹی میں۔

  • While applying to the Korean embassy, a candidate needs to dispatch original or attested
  • documents to the embassy.
  • On the other hand, applying directly to the university requires a candidate to submit all
  • documents to the domestic university.
  • An applicant applying via the embassy can apply to 3 universities whereas an applicant
  • applying directly to the university can apply only to 1 university.
  • Students passing round two of the Embassy track process should not consider it the final selection.

Online Apply South Korea Scholarships 2023

Required Documents for GKS South Korea Scholarships 2023

  • Recommendation letters
  • Attested transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Awards
  • Published books
  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Medical Assessment form

Application Deadline:

Every country’s Korean embassy and the domestic university have different deadlines, so hurry up and apply as soon as possible

To Apply Online: https://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/ko/scholarship/Gks1NoticeDetail.do

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