Top 5 small business ideas For Students – business ideas to start at university

Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Students

It’s a great way for you to make extra income at home, and not be tied down to work shifts. But it can be difficult to find a great idea.

These small business ideas will get you started on your journey to startup success.

How to create a profitable business idea

Do your research. What do people want or need? How can you overcome an everyday obstacle? Start by doing a Google search.

What would you invent or provide that would make your life simpler, more efficient, safer, fairer, or less expensive?

Is there something you are really good at? Maybe you should start there.

Consider what business ventures could support your education and future.

1. Social media can help you make money

Advertising products for brands can help you make money, regardless of how big you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Companies that are related to your brand will likely have the best luck. If you are a food blogger, it may be easier to approach kitchenware companies to promote their products. However, it is not unusual for influencers and bloggers to promote any product.

For more information, see our guide on making money with social media.

How to Make Money on Social Media

Social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube has become one of the most used platforms worldwide by hundreds of millions. Businesses have the opportunity to build relationships with their customers and increase their income. You can also use social media to make some extra money. You can also make money on social media without selling anything. We will show you how to make money using social media.

1. Promote your Small Business Products and Services on Social Media

You can interact with others through social media accounts by creating and sharing content in communities. It allows you to promote your business and products, tell customers about your services, find out what customers think about your business, attract new customers and strengthen relationships with your existing customers.

It is easy to promote your business on social media platforms. It can be used to drive traffic to your online shop and to increase sales for brick-and-mortar stores.

2. Sell Digital Products Using Your Social Media Channels

Social media can also be used to promote your business and sell digital products. Selling digital products via social media is a great way to make some extra money. Social media platforms, unlike websites, are designed to allow you to sell digital products quickly and easily with minimal fanfare.

You don’t even have to worry about inventory or shipping if you sell digital products. Digital products, such as templates, software, and eBooks, can be sold unlimited times.

3. Join Networks and Promote Affiliate Products

Joining networks can help you reach more customers and increase your earning potential through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money simply by adding tracked affiliate links to your social media posts. You can earn commissions from new leads and sales that you generate by joining affiliate networks programs.

4. Collaborate with Brands

Social proof is now the new word of mouth. More consumers trust influencers than paid ads. Bloggers can speak directly to companies’ target audiences today because of their large following. Bloggers have the ability to influence large audiences by sharing product reviews and hosting tutorial videos. You can share your expertise and collaborate with brands in your niche to make your blog stand out. Brands will reap the benefits of customers seeking honest messages that are user-friendly.

5. Earn Money Through Selling Coaching Services

Coaching services may be an option if you have unique skills or passion. People are always looking to improve their skills and learn new ones. If you are a specialist in a niche, this is a great way to tap into the market.

2. Create a website

Small business ideas are easy to come up with. Setting up your own website is the easiest thing.

Pick a topic you are passionate about and start blogging. Then, earn. We’ve provided some tips and tricks to help you make your website more profitable. You’ll soon be a millionaire on dot com.

How to make a small business website (in 9 easy steps)

Once you have established a clear vision for the goals of your website, you can begin designing and building it. These are the nine steps that will help you establish your online business.

Step 1: Choose your website building platform

You should choose a user-friendly option that allows you to create a website with no coding knowledge. We recommend these solutions for small businesses:

WordPress. WordPress comes in two flavors. is the most popular version. This gives you more control and access to your website. Hosting will need to be arranged separately. More information on this later.

Hosted website builders. Squarespace and Wix are both trusted website builders that offer all-in-one solutions. These platforms come with complete websites that you can build using drag-and-drop tools. Although you won’t have to outsource hosting, you will be limited in your design options.

Step 2: Pick your domain name

Your business name should be the domain name. There are many online generators that will help you choose the right name for you.

Here are some tips to take into account when deciding on your website address:

  • Make sure it’s easy to spell.
  • Keep it as short as possible.
  • Include keywords relevant to your business.

Step 3: Find your hosting provider

This step can be skipped if you have decided to use an all-in-one web builder. WordPress users should continue reading.

There are many excellent, beginner-friendly hosting companies that you could consider. Bluehost is our top choice, and it is recommended by

5 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2022

  1. – Since 2001
  2. DomainRacer
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Host Gator
  5. Blue Host

Step 4: Install the WordPress software

If you prefer to use Squarespace, an all-in-one website building tool, you can skip this step. If you prefer WordPress and a hosting provider, however, you will need to install the Content Management System (CMS) software.

Bluehost offers an intuitive dashboard and one-click WordPress installation. This hosting provider allows you to install WordPress quickly and easily.

Step 5: Select a theme or template

WordPress and Squarespace offer tons of templates (or themes) that you can easily customize. Many of them are free to use, too.

Step 6: Add your content

You will probably want to add content as soon as you personalize your website. It is a good idea to sketch out a basic structure before you start.

These are the essential elements for most business websites:

  • Homepage. It will be the first thing that visitors see when they visit your website. This should provide a brief overview of your services. It should also include clear navigation to other sections.
  • Products, Services, or Portfolio page. This page will be where you showcase your work and explain what you can offer clients or customers.
  • About page. This section will contain your story and information about your team.
  • Contact page. You should include a contact page and encourage customers to contact you if they have any questions.
  • Blog. This is an essential tool for content marketing and a must-have for businesses.

Step 7: Optimize your website for search engines

You need to ensure that people find your content online once you have it. SEO can be a great strategy to help you do that.

SEO refers to the process of improving your content in order to rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages. You should be aware of the following key principles:

  • Use the right keywords in your pages and posts
  • Speed optimization of your website
  • Choose a responsive design to ensure your content is accessible on all devices
  • Include internal and externe links throughout your website
  • Use post names in the permalinks

Step 8: Publish your website

Many website builders allow you to keep your site secret while you build it and then make it public once it is ready for visitors. WordPress makes your website visible to everyone as soon as the software is installed on your hosting account.

However, you may want to do some last-minute checks before you promote your website.

  • To ensure your website is readable on mobile devices, you can preview how it will look.
  • To ensure accuracy, make sure you read through the content.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary content from your template or theme.

To drive traffic to your site, it might be worth reaching out to customers who are already online to inform them that you are now available. Your website can be promoted via email or social media.

3. You can become a YouTuber

YouTube ads and sponsored content are two of the many ways you can make serious money with a successful channel.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to make money with YouTube videos. All you have to do is pick a topic you are interested in (comedy, games, and music are all popular topics) and create guides or reviews. There’s no reason to not offer something unique, as long as you are offering it.

How to become a YouTuber in 07 steps

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’ll have plenty of time to think about how to make money from YouTube once you’re up and running.

Let’s backtrack a little and cover how you can kick off your new career as a professional YouTuber.

1. Pick a niche

All successful YouTubers have a niche.

A niche is your area of expertise. It’s the topic of focus for all of your video content, and it can be literally anything.

2. Create a YouTube Channel Page

It might seem tempting to just set up your YouTube Channel Page and skip the rest.

Your Channel Page acts as a storefront. Your Channel Page should reflect your personal style and be relevant to your audience. A seamless Channel experience can be created by understanding your audience, your niche and you’re why.

This is the right time to start creating your brand. A:

  • Channel name
  • Logo
  • Banner image
  • Color scheme

The minimum. These assets can then be used to create your YouTube, Channel Page. Follow these steps.

3. Create a YouTube account

A YouTube account is included in your Google account bundle. But you still need to set up a Channel.

To do it, go to your YouTube account page on and click Create a Channel. Simply enter your brand name and you’re in!

4. Customize your Channel Page

Many features can be customized on your Channel page including your name and logo as well as page banners and information about you.

These free YouTube channel art templates will help you create a page that grabs attention.

Complete your Channel description (a.k.a. The About section contains your channel description.

  • Consistent branding is important
  • You can add a logo to your headshot or a high-quality photo.
  • Include contact information

5. Start a content calendar

A content calendar (or social media calendar) is a summary of upcoming social media posts.

It could be in a spreadsheet or a Google calendar. Or it might be an interactive dashboard for social media management like Hootsuite. It will also be used to store and schedule information about your content.

Plan your content at least one month ahead of time. Although it might seem like a steep hill, it is actually easier than creating content on the fly.

One, you don’t have to wake up every morning wondering “What am I going to post today?” and two, you can be more consistent with your content output if you have a better overview.

6. Respond to comments

Just like any other social platform, YouTube prioritizes engagement. So, as you start adding content to your channel, you need a plan for keeping up with comments.

Replying to ad-hoc might work at first, but you’re likely to feel the strain as you grow your channel. Using a tool like Hootsuite can take the pressure off.

7. Promote your channel

Once you have the basics down, you can promote your work. All of the most successful YouTubers invest in self-promotion.

Promote your channel using:

  • Advertising is a simple and quick win. You can simply pay YouTube to boost your videos’ search engine results.
  • You can network for free but you must first make friends. You can then start creating videos such as crossovers, guest appearances, or covers with other YouTubers to get your face out there.
  • Cross-promotion — a great way to promote your videos if you have more followers. You can also use other social media channels, an email list, or a website to promote your YouTube videos.

4. Become a freelancer

You can provide your skills to those who are in need of web design, illustration, and writing support.

Fiverr, Upwork, and other sites are great places to advertise your services after you become a freelancer. You’ll also gain valuable experience that you can add to your resume.

How to Start Freelancing in 9 Steps:

Remote work is on the rise and more people want to freelance or freelancing. This begs the obvious question: HOW do you start freelancing?

1. Define your goals for freelancing

It all starts with knowing your goals for starting your freelance business.

You wouldn’t get in your car and start driving if you didn’t have a destination, and you shouldn’t start a freelance business without a destination either.

Without a destination, it’s hard to know what direction to move. Goals provide that destination for starting your freelancing business.

Simon Sinek is famous for his TED talk encouraging the audience to “Start With Why.”

Every day, you’ll need to motivate yourself to find clients and do exceptional work for them – and the first step is understanding your own “why.”

Why do you want to become a freelancer in the first place?

  • To create some income on the side?
  • To replace your full-time income?
  • How much do you want to earn while freelancing?

2. Choose which skills you’ll start freelancing with

If you’re looking to freelance full-time or as a side hustler your business will be built on the skills that you’re able to provide. Your skills are the most important assets.

First, you must identify the diverse capabilities you’ve developed through the years that others might not have , and they’d like to pay you to make use of.

3. Define your target clients

After you’ve identified the skills that will be most lucrative and satisfying for you, you’ll need to consider who’s willing to pay you to utilize them.

Many freelancers don’t seem to be conscious and aspirational in this area.

They begin freelance work and become scared to sell that they’ll be willing to take any client who offers them any amount to complete any task.

5. Buy and sell popular graphics and icons

If you don’t have the skills or time to design icons and web graphics, you can hire a freelance graphic designer for a flat fee.

Next, you can sell the copies on a marketplace like GraphicRiver for recurring revenue. Although you may need to sell some copies before you make a profit, once you have, you can continue making recurring income.

Top 05 Places To Sell Your Design Work Online

Graphic design is a huge field that covers a variety of traditional and contemporary work. You might be looking to recreate the magic of a bygone time by creating stunning traditional designs or ones with an old-fashioned or retro look. You may also be an expert in the creation of modern logos, brochures websites and business cards, among other designs. In actuality, there’s no limitation to the graphic design styles and variations that incorporate 3D designs.

However, it is important to be aware of the platforms that permit you to sell your work or pieces at your own price. It could be that you are an illustrator or 3D artist, art director, or working in any area of graphic design. There are sites online that allow you to showcase and sell your work to earn a decent amount of money. For designers who are freelance, these websites are particularly useful to earn regular money.

01. Designhill

Designhill is a top marketplace where entrepreneurs and designers come together to design useful work. However, designers can utilize this platform to market their high-quality designs, such as brochures, logos, business cards, custom-designed cups, and more. It also has a template maker for shirts to design your own designs.

Designhill is a top marketplace where business owners and designers work together to design useful designs. However, designers can utilize this platform to market their top-quality designs like logos brochures, business cards, brochures as well as custom mugs and other items. You can also use the shirt design maker tool to create your own designs.

02. Etsy

If you go to Etsy it will feel like you’ve stepped into an event for crafts. Etsy is another widely recognized online marketplace that lets you sell in all kinds of designs. However, the site is mostly focused on selling hand-crafted goods and antique items. You can find a reasonable cost of these designs on this website. There are more than 30 million buyers who are registered on this platform to purchase the art. This means that you’re selling your work to a world’s largest audience.

The cost of listing your item here is $0.20 for the duration of four months. But, you’ll be facing an extremely competitive market and only top-quality products with a design can be expected to be sold for a reasonable cost. If you’re confident and have confidence in the quality of your graphic design services that produce amazing designs, then consider selling these items on this site.

03. TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

TemplateMonster The Digital Marketplace is another source that has earned a respectable reputation in the world of graphic designers. It’s a site that lets you showcase your vast collection of. For instance, it is free to upload patterns backgrounds, backgrounds, fonts illustrations, icons and other materials.

There are two major advantages to be aware of concerning this site. It boasts a vast client base that is over two million. It also provides an 85% commission to any graphic designer, no regardless of the exclusive or non-exclusive products they offer.

04. Art Web

It is possible to sell downloads of digital artwork graphics, graphic designs, prints illustrations, paintings, designs for printing on shirts and other designs on Art Web, which is an online store. You could sell your work on a world stage. It is also a great website to create a robust group of artists. The network can help designers earn money.

One great feature of the website is that it operates on a non-commission basis. If you’re new to the site and wish to see if it can work for you, you can begin by using the free plan on the site that provides you with access to fifteen images in the gallery.

05. Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a prominent community-driven marketplace that lets you sell your top-quality designs for a reasonable price. They only permit the top designers to sell their work on the market.

Design Cuts is a prominent community-driven marketplace that lets you offer your high-end designs at attractive prices. They only permit the top designers to sell their designs on the marketplace.

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